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What people are saying...

"A home run!" -Rabbi Mendy Harlig

"Detective Steve Riback shares a compelling journey with humor, sensitivity, spiritual awareness and respect to his adversaries.  It is rare to hear a story of challenge and sacrifice with such maturity and balance, making Steve's story an inspiration and lesson in leadership to all who hear it." -Jill S.

"Wow, what a presentation!  The people really loved your talk and were literally glued to their seats.  You got everyone involved from the 12 year old boys to the 78 year old women.  We appreciate you coming!" -Rabbi Eli Fradkin

"I want to express my appreciation for your wonderful presentation.  The standing room only crowd was moved by your story." -Rabbi Yisroel Engel

"Steve was awesome! He's entertaining, has a good sense of humor and most importantly, has a deep inspiring message to share."- Rabbi Dov Muchnik

"It was wonderful and he has such a shana how about I get you something to eat!" - Steve's grandmother

"Steve's talk was informative, entertaining and important.  But more than anything else, it was inspiring." -Jeff Stier

"Steve Riback's lecture 'Kosher Cop' was an informative, inspiring talk coupled with humor and wittiness.  The audience came away with a clear perspective on the priority of this Jewish cop when sticking to Torah standards that conflict with police policy." -Rabbi Shea Harlig

"Your talk went right to the heart of the [college] students...encouraging them to stand up for what they believe in and to be proud of their heritage." -Rabbi Tzvi Bronchtain


Steve with the original "Kosher Cop"    Author and "Super Hero Rabbi,"               detective Shlomo Koenig!                  Rabbi Cary Friedman.  Check out my
                                                    favorite book by Rabbi Friedman:
                                                    Wisdom From the Batcave!  

Further proof you can be Jewish      Top ranked Jewish boxer Dmitriy Salita
and a police officer!

Nossan Zand, Jewish rapper    "Dog" the bounty hunter and his wife Beth!
currently on tour with

Steve's dog Teddy working undercover! 

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