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My Journey Home is the tale of guts and courage and the furthest reaches of
G-d-given inner strength. In Yiddish terminology, it might be best characterized as a story of chutzpah -- a combination of audacity and bravado. This is the story of an extreme transformation of Steve Riback, whose religion is tightly woven into the faith and practices of Judaism. It portrays in fervent detail how Riback, a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, fought a lonely and haunting battle for years against a veiled derisiveness from non-Jewish peers...and all because he sought the right to wear a beard and head-covering, in conformance with his religion

STEVE RIBACK has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and currently works as a detective sergeant on an investigative squad with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Riback lives in Las Vegas with his wife and three children.

HERB JAFFE was an investigative journalist and op-ed columnist for most of the 39 years he worked for The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., before he retired to Las Vegas, where he lives with his wife Fran. He continues to write a periodic column for the View section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Jaffe has written four mystery novels based on his experiences in New Jersey. My
Journey Home, co-authored with Steve Riback, is his first venture into non-fiction. Jaffe, who has received numerous national awards for journalism, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize on two occasions. He can be reached at

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